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Cherry Blossom Tracker 2023

Springtime in University Circle...a photographer's dream!

The blooming of Cherry Blossoms is weather-dependent and can occur anytime between late March and early May. As for Magnolia trees, their blooming is more fragile - winter weather can turn the blooms to mush while summer weather can prematurely age the blooms. Once bloomed, they can last up to 3 weeks unless there is damaging weather.

Follow along to see when the beautiful white and pink Cherry Blossoms and other spring blooms along Wade Lagoon and throughout the Circle will be fully bloomed. Read this blog post about our favorite places to view the blooms in and around the Circle. 

Estimated Peak Bloom: Mid-April

Update: Tuesday, March 28

  • The Cherry Blossoms are starting to bud more, some trees more than others. The winter weather last week has delayed them a bit but as long as the weather remains nice we should be right on schedule.
  • A few more Magnolia buds are starting to show color, mainly in front of Severance Music Center. The ones near the Cleveland Museum of Art's steps don't appear to be showing any color yet.

Check out the Cleveland Botanical Gardens It's Poppin' blog to see how their garden blooms are looking.


Update: Tuesday, March 21

  • The Snowdrops in the Fine Arts Garden are starting to wilt.
  • Small purple flowers are popping up all over the Fine Arts Garden.
  • The Magnolia trees by Severance Music Center are still budding, but some are starting to open and show color. 
  • The Cherry Blossoms around Wade Lagoon are still budding nicely.

Update: Thursday, March 16

  • Magnolia trees by the South entrance of The Cleveland Museum of Art are still budding nicely. Most likely will bloom within the next couple of weeks.
  • More Cherry Blossoms along Wade Lagoon are starting to bud. They should bloom probably in a few weeks, depending on the weather.
  • Flowers near the Cleveland Botanical Garden are starting to bud AND bloom! Did not see any Tulips yet on their grounds.
  • The Snowdrops in the Fine Arts Garden took a little bit of damage from the snow the other day, but appear to be bouncing back!

Update: Monday, March 13

  • Budding on the Cherry Blossoms has started! Not all the trees, but quite a few. 
  • The Magnolias in front of Severance Music Center don't appear to have any change since last Friday. The Snowdrops also appear to be the same.
  • Hopefully the recent snow doesn't do too much damage. 

Update: Friday, March 10

  • The Magnolias in front of Severance Music Center are starting to bud!

Update: Monday, March 6

  • There is some growth on the trees around Wade Lagoon, but the Cherry Blossoms have not started to bud yet. 
  • However, Snowdrops are starting to bud all over on the North end of Wade Lagoon (closer to The Cleveland Museum of Art).

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