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Ford Road Garage


Project Overview

After 50+ years, the Ford Road Garage has exceeded its useful lifespan and it is necessary to demolish the structure for the safety of the community. The decision to demolish the garage was reached after careful consideration and discussion with multiple professional consultants. The garage closed permanently on June 30, 2022. The structure will be demolished in 2023, and a 75-space surface parking lot will be installed at this location while a future educational use is determined.

The project team consists of the following:


Project Update

(details will be updated on a bi-monthly basis)

  • Monday, July 10: Demolition began, starting with the structure’s perimeter.
  • Monday, August 12: Mass demolition of the garage commenced and was completed within two weeks.
  • Tuesday, August 22: Processing of demolition material commences. Over approximately the next seven weeks, concrete will be sorted and crushed on-site to use as backfill. Crews will be working extended, 12-hour shifts on weekdays (aside from Saturday, August 26) during this time to maintain the project schedule.
  • Mid-September: Masonry work for the exposed old Hillel Building facade will begin.
  • Late September-Early October: Concrete work for construction of the new parking lot will begin.

Last updated on 8/25/2023

Project Duration

May to November 2023 

  • 5/22/2023 – 5/26/2023     Install Project Fencing 
  • 5/15/2023 – 5/26/2023     Decommission and Remove Building Equipment 
  • 5/29/2023 – 7/14/2023     Equipment Mobilization & Selective Demo 
  • 7/3/2023 – 7/21/2023        Prepare Basement Level Structure for Demolition 
  • 7/24/2023 – 8/30/2023     Garage Demolition (Details will Update Weekly) 
  • 9/01/2023 – 11/30/2023    Site Backfill and Surface Parking Lot Construction       

Street Closures

Any street closures will be shared on this website and at ugointhecircle.com/alerts. Any street closure will be in coordination with the City of Cleveland to manage traffic impacts.


Q: Where can I find information about street and sidewalk closures?
A: Any Street Closures will be shared on the website at ugointhecircle.com/alerts.  Any street closures will be in coordination with the City of Cleveland to manage traffic impacts.

Ford Road: Vehicular access will be maintained on Ford Road for the duration of the project. Traffic will be reduced to a single lane for a brief period of time to allow for tie-in work, at which time traffic control will be implemented. The sidewalk in front of the work site will be closed for the duration of the project, with pedestrian traffic rerouted to the east side of the street.

Mather Way will be reduced to a single lane with traffic control. Any temporary closures will be coordinated with affected property owners. Pedestrian traffic is discouraged.

Pedestrian access to the rear of the Commodore Building will be maintained for the duration of the project.

Q: What are the hours of operation for the project?
A: Hours of operation will typically be from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  Work may occasionally occur on weekends to limit impacts to adjacent narrow access zones and traffic.  All work will be performed in compliance with noise ordinance regulations established by the City of Cleveland.

Q: When will major demolition activities take place?
A: Actual demolition is expected to last approximately 8 weeks, with demolition at the perimeter starting in early June. Due to limited site constraints and to minimize impact to adjacent properties, the building will be deconstructed in small sections. It is anticipated that the highest noise levels will occur in the first three weeks of demolition.

Q: What is the protocol for dust suppression and the containment of water runoff?
A: The demolition company will comply with all local and state laws and regulations as it relates to demolition and dust suppression practices.  Dust suppressant methods may include the use of hoses, excavator spray nozzle attachments or water fog machines during demolition to contain airborne dust particles within the work site.  Water runoff will be maintained per EPA standards, with measures taken to filter water before the water flows into drains. During demolition of Ford Garage, dust monitoring will occur with a personal air monitor worn by the worker often closest to demolition activity.

Q: What is the protocol for vibration?
A: Vibration monitors will be installed in the structures closest to the garage for the duration of demolition.  The level of vibration will be measured to maintain limits of safety to surrounding structures and building occupants.

Q: What materials requiring special disposal have been found in the parking structure?
A: An assessment by an environmental consultant identified the following items for special disposal: fluorescent lamps and ballasts, batteries, fire extinguishers, air conditioning refrigerants, and oil and/or fuel from the structure’s mechanical equipment and elevator.  These items will be removed from the structure prior to demolition.

Testing also indicated the presence of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) caulk at select areas.  This material will be removed as part of the abatement process, which will be monitored by a Third-Party Testing Agency prior to the demolition.

Hydrocarbons that have collected in the Oil / Water Separator will be removed prior to demolition.

No asbestos was detected in the structure. - Terracon Asbestos Inspection Report Summary (July 2022)

July 7, 2023 Update:
On behalf of Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and University Circle Inc. (UCI), the project construction manager (RL Hill) has confirmed that all required abatement activities per EPA regulations have been appropriately addressed with direction from a third-party environmental consultant, Terracon Consultants, Inc.

Q: Where can I find alternative public parking?
A: Visit uGo’s interactive parking map to see all available visitor parking locations in University Circle.

Q: Who will be able to park in the surface lot once it is completed?
A: The parking lot will be managed by Case Western Reserve University’s Department of Parking. Further details will be forthcoming.



Community Meeting - May 24

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