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Strategic Plan 2018-2022

Strategic Priorities

A bold course for the future of this extraordinary neighborhood

University Circle is...

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Our Vision

A University Circle that is a vibrant and complete neighborhood without borders.


A Neighborhood Without Borders

Borders are porous. People, ideas and contributions flow into University Circle and out to the world. As UCI continues to create a complete neighborhood for all who live, study, work and visit here, it is increasingly important to realize the bond with surrounding communities and ensure University Circle’s successes are equitably shared by those neighbors to the east, west, south and north.

Strategic Priority:
Alliances with Surrounding Neighborhoods

  • Create programs and initiatives with adjacent communities that connect them to the education, healing and cultural assets of University Circle’s Member institutions.
  • Ensure partnerships are based on shared goals and the desire of each neighborhood to collaborate with UCI.

Strategic Priority:
Destination Marketing

  • Attract visitors from nearby neighborhoods, across the region, and around the world by enhancing University Circle’s profile and encouraging trial and more frequent engagement with Member institutions.
  • Refine and expand UCI-orchestrated events to deepen engagement with all visitors and encourage them to explore the offerings of UCI’s member institutions.

& Corridors

The vibrancy of University Circle is found at the ground level through deliberate decisions made block by block, street by street.

Strategic Priority:
Activation of Property and Public Spaces

  • Advance the next steps in creating vibrancy within the current UCI footprint and its connecting corridors through direct property development and management and assistance to Member institutions and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Implement an updated vision of tenant mix, coordinated programming and marketing in Uptown in partnership with other property owners.
  • Invest in physical improvements and programs to further enhance the Wade Oval district as the “Central Park for University Circle.”

Strategic Priority:
Transportation Demand Management

  • Lead University Circle stakeholders in a comprehensive approach to improving accessibility and mobility in University Circle.
  • Employ a platform of planning, capital projects, information sharing, mobility services and program incentives to help Member institutions, employees, residents and visitors understand and use all of their transportation options and realize economic, environmental, health and safety benefits.

Engaging Experiences

Every day, UCI works to ensure that people of all backgrounds and interests have exceptional experiences in University Circle. These experiences lead to new relationships, ideas, outcomes and perspectives.

Strategic Priority:
Destination Management

  • Build upon past successes to enhance the University Circle neighborhood as a destination to live, work, study and visit.
  • Ensure the neighborhood is well-maintained and easy to navigate and that UCI staff and ambassadors deliver the highest caliber customer service.

Strategic Priority:
Community Education

  • Sustain a distinctive, high quality slate of community education programs for the region’s students and seniors as well as University Circle residents.
  • Provide participants with in-depth exposure to UCI’s Member institutions and unparalleled learning opportunities that complement other educational offerings.

Strategic Priority:
Safety and Security

  • Increase the visibility and welcoming presence of the University Circle Police Department throughout University Circle.
  • Collaborate proactively with the eight police forces active in the area.
  • Strengthen communications between the University Circle Police Department and UCI Member institutions.

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