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Project Yield in University Circle Raises Awareness About Pedestrian Safety

Posted November 02, 2020 in Press Releases

University Circle Inc. (UCI) has launched Project Yield, a public awareness initiative focused on pedestrian and vehicular safety and reducing traffic crashes throughout University Circle. The initiative aims to increase yield rates, discourage illegal speeding, and keep travelers safe.

With shorter days, longer nights, and lower visibility, winter months are a dangerous time for pedestrians. After several high-profile pedestrian-involved crashes last winter, UCI’s data analysis showed that while the overall number of crashes in the district decreased over the last five years, crashes involving pedestrians increased. A closer look into the details of last winter’s crashes showed that poor roadway lighting during the evening commute, combined with speeding motorists, were identified as primary issues that needed to be addressed. These results follow the unsettling nationwide trend of crashes involving pedestrians.

“We know that winter is a critical time for pedestrian safety,” said UCI’s President, Chris Ronayne. “Increased darkness during peak commute times is a hazard for neighborhoods like ours that are both highly walkable and have significant commuter traffic. Drivers need to slow down and take extra precautions, especially in pedestrian heavy areas. The goal of Project Yield is to raise awareness of roadway safety issues, encourage safe driving speeds, and reverse the upward trend of crashes involving pedestrians.”

“We need your help to make our neighborhood safer for everyone that travels here,” added UCI’s Director of Transportation, Annie Pease. “Visit the Project Yield webpage to help us improve neighborhood safety by reporting close calls with vehicles, alerting us to streetlight outages, and participating in upcoming safety advisory meetings.”

Using this data, UCI will identify the intersections and crosswalks that are in most need of immediate improvements to ensure pedestrian and vehicular safety. Infrastructure improvements will include new signage, improved traffic signalization, and new striping that discourages speeding.

UCI will partner with many institutions throughout the neighborhood and with the City of Cleveland on Project Yield. The City has recently taken steps towards adopting Vision Zero, a strategy that is active in over 40 U.S. cities to eliminate serious injury and fatal crashes citywide. Vision Zero began in Sweden, which has one of the lowest annual automobile fatality rates in the world.

For more information on Project Yield, visit universitycircle.org/projectyield.

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