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The Mastery School of Hawken

Look closely, and you’ll see that today’s schools were built for yesterday’s world. Most schools use an Industrial Age model mismatched for the Information Age’s demands.The Mastery School of Hawken is fundamentally different. It is designed to deepen and stretch high school students so that they’re ready not only to navigate uncharted spaces, but to lead, serve, and thrive in them. Using real-world problem solving, mentorship, and mastery-based feedback, The Mastery School of Hawken offers students remarkable opportunities for individual growth and meaningful contributions to the communities inside and outside the school doors.


Museums & Galleries

1. Cleveland History Center

6 minute walk
Visit Cleveland History Center at a discount with CirclePass, University...

Music, Performance & Film

1. Cleveland Institute of Music Kulas Hall

5 minute walk
Located at the world-renowned Cleveland Institute of Music, the 535-seat...

2. The Music Settlement

2 minute walk
A hidden gem of University Circle, The Music Settlement offers music the...

3. Center for Arts-Inspired Learning

2 minute walk
In more than 60 years, the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning (formerly Y...

Universities & Libraries

1. Research Library at the Cleveland History Center

6 minute walk
The Research Library collections include published resources (250,000 bo...

Hospitals & Medical Facilities

1. Magnolia Clubhouse Inc.

1 minute walk
Magnolia Clubhouse is a community-based center of psychosocial rehabilit...

Historical Landmarks

1. Junior League of Cleveland

3 minute walk
The Junior League of Cleveland, Inc. is a group of women volunteers dedi...

Shopping and Retail

1. The Magnolia Clubhouse Shop

< 1 minute walk
The Magnolia Clubhouse Shop is run by and benefits the programs of Magno...

2. Cleveland History Center Gift Store

6 minute walk
The museum store features items relative to Cleveland or made in Clevela...

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