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Church of the Covenant

Built in 1911, the Church of the Covenant was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. It is a Presbyterian Church.


Universities & Libraries

1. Case Western Reserve University

10 minute walk
Ranking 37th in the country among national universities, Case Western Re...

Places of Worship

1. Cleveland Friends Meeting

< 1 minute walk
An unprogrammed Quaker Meeting and a member of the Lake Erie Yearly Meet...

2. The Albert and Norma Geller Hillel Student Center

2 minute walk
The Cleveland Hillel Foundation is the center of Jewish life for Jewish ...


1. Circle Convenience

3 minute walk
A convenience store located in University Circle.


1. Kantina

2 minute walk
Kantina, Cleveland’s newest Kosher restaurant, located in Universi...

2. Melt University

11 minute walk
Acclaimed restaurant proprietor Matt Fish has opened a new quick-service...

3. Michelson and Morley

11 minute walk
This restaurant on Case's campus honors the Michelson-Morley experiment ...

4. Subway

3 minute walk

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