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University Circle’s "Project Yield" Aims to Reduce Climbing Vehicle-Pedestrian Crashes

Posted February 03, 2021 in Articles

Author: Jennifer Conn

University Circle residents are taking safety seriously after data revealed a startling increase in accidents involving vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists over the past few years.

While an average of 20 pedestrian accidents happen in University Circle each year, last year was unusually high, said Annie Pease Director of Transportation for University Circle Inc. (UCI), a member-driven community development corporation. In three months, 10 accidents took place in which pedestrians in crosswalks were hit, or nearly hit by cars.

Further researching vehicular accidents, UCI officials analyzed University Circle data from 2015 to 2019 and found that while car crashes, such as fender benders, had declined by about 25 percent, accidents involving pedestrians had increased 33 percent, Pease said.

Read the full article on Spectrum News 1.

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