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Learn LEAD: Linking Education and Discovery

LEAD: Linking Education and Discovery

Linking Education and Discovery (LEAD) connects teachers and students in neighborhood schools to University Circle institutions for free field trips and curricular support.


After the unrest of the Hough and Glenville Uprisings of the 1960s, the LEAD program was created to build connections between University Circle organizations and the residents of those communities. For 46 years, LEAD has provided opportunities for Cleveland students to learn and discover all that the area has to offer them.  Today, LEAD brings students and teachers out of the classrooms, and enriches their learning with exposure to art, history, science, and nature.

The LEAD program provides no-cost field trips, transportation, and professional development for teachers that enhance their curriculum and provide opportunities for hands-on, inquiry-based learning in University Circle and neighboring institutions. The visits build long-term emotional connections to some of Cleveland’s greatest cultural institutions and instill the values of lifelong learning for students as they grow and develop.  LEAD also provides professional development support for educators to help ensure curricular connections to the institutions.

By the Numbers

Since the program began more than 70,000 children have been served

Last year:

  • We served 1,300 students in Cleveland and East Cleveland
  • We partnered with 11 University Circle institutional partners

Click here to see if your school is eligible for the LEAD program. 

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