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Learn For Teachers and Schools

For Teachers and Schools

University Circle is a great place to ignite curiosity and support your curriculum. 

Field Trips 

Field trips are a powerful tool to connect your students to your curriculum.  University Circle’s cultural institutions provide powerful learning experiences that are tied to state curriculum standards and create memories to last a lifetime.  

Some CMSD schools are eligible for free field visits to many local institutions. To see if your school qualifies, visit our LEAD page.

Destination Education

Visit University Circle to learn more about the region, past and present and future. 

Cozad-Bates House Interpretive Center  

Visit: The Cozad-Bates Interpretive Center is open to the public Saturdays from noon to 4pm.  Private weekday tours can be requested here.

Cleveland Underground: Resistance and Compliance is an educational program offered in partnership with the Cleveland History Center for students in grades 8 through 12.  In this special experience, students visit both the Cozad-Bates House Interpretive Center and the Cleveland History Center. Students will investigate Cleveland’s Underground Railroad, exploring issues of personal choice and activism through the stories of the area’s most active abolitionists. Through examining legal documents like the Northwest Ordinance and a historic local court case, students will concepts such as personal choice and consequences, and draw connections about the lasting impact of slavery, racism, and injustice.

Visit Cozad-Bates House

CircleWalk Tour

For over one hundred years, University Circle has been Cleveland’s center for culture, healing and learning.  Take a self-guided walking tour that highlights the past and present using the CircleWalk app.

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Downloadable activities

In collaboration with our members and partners, UCI’s Department of Community Education presents on online collection of learning resources that you can use in your classroom.  Available for download for free from the Circle Partners Education Collaborative.

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Connect to University Circle Institutions 

Are you a teacher looking to access cultural or learning resources in University Circle? Contact UCI’s Department of Community education with your questions or visit UCI’s Community Education page for more information.  

Contact Community Education

UCI Department of Community Education

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