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Retrieving Lost Voices: Women in the Buddha’s Life

  • Date Monday, September 13, 2021 - Monday, September 27, 2021

In this course, students will study some of the women in the Buddha’s life: his biological mother Maya, who dies seven days after she gives birth; his wife Yasodhara, who is left behind when he makes his Great Departure; and his stepmother Mahapajapati Gotami, who raises him after Maya’s death and eventually follows him into a life of renunciation, becoming a female leader herself. We will spend one session on each of these formidable characters, to learn some of their stories, to read some of the texts that tell these stories, and to explore the question of why these women matter.

Register here: https://case.edu/lifelonglearning/courses/courses-subject/religion-and-philosophy/retrieving-lost-voices-women-buddhas-life-remote

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