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Topsi Turvi

A delightfully different gift shop with handmade items for everyone! The shop spotlights Italian souvenirs.


Little Italy

1. Cleveland Montessori

3 minute walk
Cleveland Montessori is the next chapter in the long history of educatio...

2. Rosso Gelato

1 minute walk
Fast service, casual, good for kids!

3. Valerio's Ristorante

< 1 minute walk
Specializing in Italian cuisine, Valerio's has been a staple in Clevelan...

Shopping and Retail

1. Little Italy Wines

1 minute walk
Although Little Italy Wines specializes in Italian wines, they are far f...

2. Desapri Design Studio

1 minute walk
Desapri Design Studio offers hand crafted, one-of-a-kind, wearable works...

3. Lee Heinen Studio

< 1 minute walk
Paintings and prints.

4. Mayfield Smoke Shop

1 minute walk
The stop carries an extensive collection of imported, hand-rolled, premi...

5. Special Somethings

< 1 minute walk
All candles are made in Ohio. Special Somethings have a large variety of...


1. Guarino's Restaurant

1 minute walk
The oldest restaurant in Cleveland, OH, Guarino's has been in operation ...

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