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Piano Cleveland

Piano Cleveland promotes Cleveland as a premier piano destination by presenting world-class programming and community engagement and education initiatives. The organization’s four major programs and events include the Cleveland International Piano Competition, the CIPC for Young Artists, the Concert Series, and year-round education and community outreach programming. The main event, the eponymous Cleveland International Piano Competition, attracts the best young piano talent from around the world to compete for top prizes; engages an audience of 10 to 15,000 over a period of 15 days; and culminates in two sold-out performances at Severance Hall that feature the four finalists performing with The Cleveland Orchestra.

Piano Cleveland’s Community Outreach and Education programs are designed to bring music into all facets of Greater Cleveland. We partner top-tier professional artists with community organizations, schools and senior living facilities to create innovative and meaningful programs for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

The Cleveland International Piano Competition: Our Signature Event

Known as one of the top competitions in the world, the CIPC presents the pinnacle of classical piano artistry across two weeks of performances for Cleveland and international audiences. The best emerging pianists from around the globe are selected to compete for a chance to play with The Cleveland Orchestra, an experience unparalleled by any other international competition, and win the $75,000 Mixon First Prize.

Building the Future of Piano

Programs like the CIPC for Young Artists and the CIPC Preparatory Camp ensure that young pianists from ages 12-17 are provided with the keys to succeed in the competition world and their artistic careers.


Music, Performance & Film

Parks & Gardens

1. Doan Brook Watershed Partnership

1 hour, 32 minute walk
The Doan Brook watershed encompasses about a 12 square mile area in the ...

Universities & Libraries

1. Cleveland Montessori

1 hour, 57 minute walk
Cleveland Montessori is the next chapter in the long history of educatio...

Historical Landmarks

1. The Alta House

1 hour, 57 minute walk
From its beginnings as a settlement house for Italian Immigrants, the Al...

Shopping and Retail

1. Keller Art Glass

1 hour, 46 minute walk
Keller Art Glass is a decorative art glass studio, creating one-of-a-kin...

2. Verne Collection

1 hour, 56 minute walk
The Verne Collection of contemporary Japanese prints and paintings was e...

3. Hair in Motion

1 hour, 60 minute walk

4. Amore Gallery

1 hour, 45 minute walk
Kate GeracÍ is a Cleveland based artist with a light-filled galle...


1. Blue Sky Brews

1 hour, 44 minute walk
Blue Sky Brew is a familiar environment to return to and read, talk, wor...

2. Lounge Leo

1 hour, 46 minute walk
We are Lounge Leo, a family run cocktail bar/lounge located in Little It...

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