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Doan Brook Watershed Partnership

The Doan Brook watershed encompasses about a 12 square mile area in the eastern metropolitan area of Cleveland, Ohio. Over 145,000 human residents call our watershed “home,” as well as numerous species of birds, mammals, pollution-tolerant fish, amphibians, and reptiles. Doan Brook’s three branches form the heart of the Shaker Lakes park system, uniting in the wetlands at the Nature Center at Shake Lakes to flow west and northwest through Rudy Rodgers Memorial Park, Rockefeller Park, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, and the Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve to Lake Erie.

The watershed drains parts of Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights, and portions of the following Cleveland neighborhoods: Buckeye, Shaker Square, University Circle, Fairfax, Hough, Glenville and St. Clair-Superior.


Museums & Galleries

1. Verne Collection

26 minute walk
The Verne Collection of contemporary Japanese prints and paintings is an...

Parks & Gardens

Universities & Libraries

1. Case Western Reserve University

32 minute walk
Ranking 37th in the country among national universities, Case Western Re...

Hospitals & Medical Facilities

1. Centers for Dialysis Care

24 minute walk
The CDC is a multi-facility organization that provides state-of-the-art ...

Shopping and Retail

1. Tremont Athletic Club

30 minute walk
Tremont Athletic Club was started in 2014 with one principle in mind - C...

2. Sweet Kiddles

30 minute walk
Sweet Kiddles is a convenient, high-quality flexible childcare center th...

3. One to One Fitness

28 minute walk
One to One Fitness is the premier Cleveland fitness center, equipped to ...

4. Christina Catherine

25 minute walk
Custom tailor.


1. Blue Sky Brews

26 minute walk
Blue Sky Brew is a familiar environment to return to and read, talk, wor...

2. La Pizzeria

27 minute walk
Bill and Kelley Salerno opened their full menu pizzeria in the fall of 2...

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