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Community Development Community Development Overview

Community Development Overview

The Development team’s roles and responsibilities include facilitating, supporting, and leading economic development initiatives, including institutional, commercial, residential, and infrastructure development in and around University Circle's traditional boundaries.

The department‘s staff has members with knowledge and skills in planning, urban and landscape design, real estate development, and graphic design and presentation.

From large scale strategic investment sites to corner pocket parks and plazas, UCI values mixed-use urban density, dynamic walkable streets, transit oriented development, and unique public spaces.

  • Density:  UCI facilitates, supports, and leads institutional, commercial, and residential development in University Circle. From residential high rises to small and mid-scale urban infill projects, dense urban development promotes walkability, transit ridership, and gives form to the neighborhood.
  • Transit Oriented Development: UCI, along with our partners at GCRTA, has helped connect the University Circle to downtown and the airport with two new or rebuilt Red Line stations, Little Italy-University Circle and Cedar-University, and the HealthLine Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) that runs along Euclid Avenue.
  • Public Spaces: UCI manages Wade Oval, University Circle’s central park, programming it with activities and maintaining it for daily use. Small parks throughout the district invite visitors to enjoy lunch outside or learn about the area’s history and pedestrian signage helps visitors and workers get around. 

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