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University Circle is one of the largest employment drivers in the state of Ohio. With strong anchor institutions and an abundance of arts & cultural, non-profit, as well as private sector and small businesses, there may be an opportunity waiting for you here in University Circle.

Job Openings in Ohio City Early Childhood Teacher

The Music Settlement / Posted May 06, 2019

The Music Settlement has openings for Early Childhood Classroom Teachers

at our Ohio City campus, opening August 2018.

Established in 1955, The Music Settlement’s Center for Early Childhood has earned a reputation for excellence in all aspects of early childhood education and is recognized as one of the outstanding preschool programs in Northeast Ohio. The program has a strong emphasis on the arts, literacy and science. The mission of The Music Settlement Center for Early Childhood is to provide a high quality early childhood experience for children that nurtures the individual, supports the family and enhances a child’s development through involvement with the Arts.

Classroom Teacher: Preschool (Part Time,) and Day School (Full Time)

RESPONSIBILITIES: Plan, implement and supervise an engaging and creative classroom program for children ages 3 – 5 years, in accordance with the philosophies and policies of The Music Settlement, EC accreditations Step Up to Quality, Universal Prekindergarten, PRE4CLE, and Ohio Licensing regulations.


  • Design and maintain a classroom environment for children that is developmentally appropriate and encourages and supports their exploration and experimentation;
  • Plan children’s learning using a developmentally appropriate curriculum stemming from children’s as well as teacher’s ideas which meet Ohio State Standards for early childhood curriculum;
  • Engage, supervise and monitor the safety, activity and behavior of children through observation and interaction;
  • Prepare weekly lesson plans, and ongoing portfolios, as well as regular communication with parents;
  • focus is each child’s social-emotional confidence and development;
  • Establish a positive school/home relationship through posted weekly lesson plans, parent teacher conferences, daily interactions with parents and the use of parent volunteers;
  • Attend staff meetings, all required trainings and school wide functions as scheduled;
  • Work closely with team to accomplish center goals;
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education or related field.
  • Early Childhood classroom experience, 2 years or more preferred.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Experience/proficiency using computer and web-based applications for training, teaching skills and information sharing
  • Organization and time management skills
  • Ability to work with diverse individuals and groups
  • Interpersonal Skills – especially relationship building and customer service
  • Resilient, dynamic and positive

REPORTS TO: Chair, Center for Early Childhood

CLASSIFICATION: Positions are Part Time (10-29 hrs per week) or Full Time (30+ Hrs per week) Programs at University Circle and Ohio City locations.

Send resume with cover letter to:

Karen Heitlinger

Chair, Center for Early Childhood


The Music Settlement

The Music Settlement is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The mission of The Music Settlement is to create a community where artistic expression belongs to everyone by serving those who seek personal growth through the arts.

Our vision is to be a welcoming and dynamic community school that serves the entire community, rich and poor alike, through excellent programs in music and arts instruction, music therapy, and early childhood education.

Our Core Values:
Excellent: In all aspects of The Music Settlement’s Operations, design, planning, and interaction we strive to achieve results that exceed expectations.
Accessible: The Music Settlement and its offerings are available to all.
Creative: The Music Settlement is innovative in its offerings, outcomes, and processes.
Community-focused: The Music Settlement is attentive and responsive to the needs of its community.
Enriching: The Music Settlement’s programs and offerings help individuals grow and strengthen the community and region.
Responsible: The Music Settlement is a reliable steward of the community’s trust and resources and operates in a sound and sustainable manner.

The Music Settlement is a community where artistic expression belongs to everyone.

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