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Learn Senior Learning

Senior Learning

University Circle Interactive Cleveland (UCIC) promotes lifelong learning by connecting senior citizens weekly to the exciting exhibits, resources, and ideas of the University Circle institutions.

University Circle Inc. has been on a mission to connect its institutions’ rich resources using interactive technologies.  Over the last several years, we have built a “Lifelong Learning Consortium” for older learners in northeast Ohio.  This regional program offers unique learning experiences at senior centers and retirement communities with scholars, experts, and cultural educators.

UCIC curates weekly programs for retirement communities or monthly programs for senior community centers.  These offerings are customized for communities with videoconferences or on-site outreach that are paired with follow-up trips to plays, exhibitions, concerts or cultural events.  In addition, intergenerational learning pilot programs have taken place at Fatima Center (Hough neighborhood); Harvard-Lee Community Services (Harvard-Lee neighborhood); Fairhill Partners (Buckeye-Shaker neighborhood) from 2016 -2018.

By the Numbers

Since the UCIC Life-Long Learning Consortium began in 2012

  • More than 26,000 seniors served
  • 250+ curated experiences with partner institutions

Last Year We Served

  • More than 8,000 life-long learners
  • In 5 retirement communities and 10 Senior Community Centers

Adult Life-Long Learning at the Circle

On any given day, there are many paths for you to ignite your passion, spark a new interest or explore something you have always wanted to know more about at University Circle. It is a place of possibilities for knowledge and sharing.

Coffee with a Curator

Join us for coffee and conversation with University Circle’s best and brightest curators. Over the course of four weeks, you will have the opportunity to sit and chat with different curators from University Circle’s most distinguished institutions. This is your opportunity to discover what curators do, why they do it, how they got their start, and how their research and discoveries impact the museums, your lives and, in some cases, the world. Contact us to learn more. 


The life-long learning program includes one monthly videoconference and a follow-up trip to a Circle venue or event.  Solon Senior Center participants visit Cleveland Botanical Garden after their videoconference, Good Things Come from Trees. 

Lectures, Book Clubs, Films, and More

More Info

University Circle Inc. is grateful to The Cleveland History Center for its role in supporting the distance learning initiative with studio space

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