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Learn UCI Education Programs

UCI Education Programs

In 1973 UCI's Community Education Department was established to connect the resources of University Circle’s world-class institutions to students of all ages and backgrounds through informal education programs. Today, the Community Education Department manages four respected programs – Early Learning Initiative, Linking Education and Discovery, Future Connections, and Senior Connections – that positively impact the lives of children and adults throughout the region.

To learn more about UCI's Community Education Department, contact us at 216-791-3900. 

Did You Know? – Informal Learning Facts

  • Takes place outside the formal classroom setting, i.e. in museums, concert halls, gardens, libraries, community centers, and through the media and web
  • Less than 3% of our lives are spent in formal instruction
  • Most learning occurs through informal or free-choice learning
  • Lifelong process guided by a person's needs and interests
  • Learners are engaged in real-world applications in a broad range of content
  • May link to formal learning in a spontaneous way
  • Settings advance learning by providing a physical contextual environment reflecting the content knowledge to be attained
  • Supports discovery and free exploration
  • Experiences can act as a catalyst and sustain long term interests in a field of study
  • Encourages opportunities for Intergenerational learning

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