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Landscapes, Landmarks, & Legacies - Winter Walk

Lake View Cemetery

  • Date Thursday, February 02, 2023
  • Time 10:00AM
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Lake View Cemetery

Established in 1869, Lake View Cemetery occupies 285 acres of serene settings modeled after the great garden cemeteries of Victorian England and France. Over 102,000 people buried at Lake View, including the 20th President of the United States, James A.... more

Explore the beauty of Lake View in winter! This guide-led walking tour will start at Daffodil Hall and will highlight our horticulture, historic buildings, and notable residents. You won’t see any groundhogs, but keep your eyes open for hawks, owls and other wildlife that call Lake View home. Registration and ticket purchase required. Tickets are $20

Landscapes, Landmarks, & Legacies - Winter Walk


Historical Landmarks

Museums & Galleries

1. Artists Archives of the Western Reserve

7 minute walk
Founded in 1996 by notable Cleveland sculptor David E. Davis and eight o...

2. The Sculpture Center

7 minute walk
Update: The Sculpture Center has relocated its galleries and offices to ...


1. Lou's Tavern

11 minute walk

2. Rosso Gelato

15 minute walk
Cheerful shop offering a variety of traditional gelato & sorbet flav...

3. Borgata Bar

15 minute walk
Positioned in the first floor of a one-hundred-year-old building in Litt...

4. Valerio's Ristorante

15 minute walk
Specializing in Italian cuisine, Valerio's has been a staple in Clevelan...

Hospitals & Medical Facilities

1. The Centers Ohio

6 minute walk
Circle Health Services, formerly known as The Free Medical Clinic of Gre...


1. Guarino's Restaurant

15 minute walk
The oldest restaurant in Cleveland, OH, Guarino's has been in operation ...

1. University Circle Police Department

8 minute walk
For emergencies, call 911 or 216-791-1234

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