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The Hoax and the Humanities

Case Western Reserve University

  • Date Tuesday, October 20, 2020
  • Time 4:30PM - 6:00PM
Case Western Reserve University

Ranking 37th in the country among national universities, Case Western Reserve University offers unlimited opportunities in the fields of art, science, engineering, health, law, management and humanities. Partnerships with world-class artistic, cultural, scientific and medical institutions ensure that education extends... more

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Hoaxed again! How’d that happen? Does it matter? Following the online fallout of the 2018 “grievance studies" hoax, one is struck by the enormous range of estimates of its significance, and of the variegated diagnoses of what the hoax does or does not show. In his talk, Chris Haufe, Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, hopes to get the audience to take this hoax and others like it seriously. To do this, he will address three topics. First, he would like to clarify the contours of the phenomenon: what precisely does the hoax achieve? Second, he will critically examine some of the efforts to dismiss the significance of the hoax, noting what they get right and what they get wrong. Finally, he would like to make some general recommendations for how to start restoring the humanities to their rightful place at the center of a liberal arts education.

The Hoax and the Humanities


Universities & Libraries


1. The Jolly Scholar

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Parks & Gardens

1. Toby's Plaza

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2. Michelson and Morley

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Universities & Libraries

1. Case Western Reserve University, Kelvin Smith Library

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Places of Worship

1. Church of the Covenant

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Music, Performance & Film

1. The Cleveland Orchestra (Severance Hall)

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Shopping and Retail

1. Church of the Covenant Cache Thrift Shop

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1. Severance Restaurant

2 minute walk
Contemporary cuisine.

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