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Gestalt Training Program XXII

  • Date Monday, July 01, 2019 - Wednesday, July 31, 2019
  • Location Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
    1588 Hazel Road Cleveland, OH 44106

Contact Us: 216-421-0468 or online at http://www.gestaltcleveland.org for dates, times and pricing

Location: Gestalt Institute of Cleveland

Contacts for additional information:
Heidi Abrams, MSSA, LISW, heidirubinabrams@gmail.com, (216) 402-3739

Ellen Ressler Hoffman, MA, PCC, erhoffman8@gmail.com, (216) 509-0819

Coaching is an effective process for helping a person move towards what is desired. It becomes even more potent and effective, when Gestalt principles and tools are used. This is especially true when a person feels “stuck.”

The Gestalt approach to coaching is unique, strength-based, creative and holistic. Without awareness, research indicates a person only has a 4% chance of change. The Gestalt coach intentionally builds awareness of the person’s mental, emotional and relational frameworks used to make meaning of their present experience and their impact on perceptions, thinking, choices and actions.

Gestalt coaching tools help identify where the person is in the change process, what is interrupting the person’s movement and how to work with unrecognized resistance. This awareness must precede action if a person is to get beyond being “stuck” and achieve positive, intentional, and sustainable change.

This two-day experiential workshop provides an opportunity to explore the nature of Gestalt coaching and gain proven Gestalt principles and tools applicable to any type of coaching.

GIC OFFICE: 216-421-0468 or visit http://www.gestaltcleveland.org

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