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Donate Grace's Community

Grace's Community


Join Us in Building a Stronger, More Connected University Circle Community

Grace’s Community creates a stronger, more connected University Circle community while offering you an opportunity to make a lasting impact.

At the heart of Grace’s Community is Grace herself, a lovable and spirited puppy who serves as UCI's community policing dog. Grace's role is to build bridges of trust and community throughout University Circle, fostering a sense of unity and helping to strengthen the bond between UCI officers, residents, institutions, and businesses; she perfectly embodies UCI’s commitment to helping foster a sense of community. 

When you join Grace as a community builder, you'll see for yourself the amazing strides UCI and our partners are making to build a lively and inclusive neighborhood through community gatherings, neighborhood improvements, community safety initiatives (like Grace!), and empowering arts engagement. 

Help us spread Grace’s community-building message today with your monthly gift to University Circle Inc. 


Why Join Grace’s Community?

Benefits for the community

  • Community Gatherings: Your support allows us to gather the community at vibrant, free events like WOW! Wade Oval Wednesdays and YAY! Saturdays. These events create opportunities for neighbors to come together, share experiences, and forge lasting friendships.
  • Neighborhood Improvements: Your support contributes to the ongoing beautification and maintenance of University Circle’s greenspaces and streetscapes. This ensures that our community remains an enjoyable place to live, work, and visit.
  • Community Safety: Your support fosters community policing efforts, like Grace’s. This work builds a safer environment by strengthening trust and cooperation between residents and law enforcement, making our neighborhood even more secure for everyone.
  • Empowering Arts Engagement: Your support plays a pivotal role in removing barriers so all people can enjoy University Circle’s cultural experiences, while also convening the institutions and organizations in University Circle for a stronger community network.

Benefits for you

  • Lasting Impact: You will become an integral part of our mission, directly supporting a wide range of initiatives to ensure both a tangible and lasting impact on the lives of residents, students, and visitors in our community, and secure the sustainability of our collective efforts.
  • Stay Informed: You’ll receive exclusive updates on Grace's journey and all of UCI’s community-building programs.
  • Recognition and Belonging: You will join a supportive community where your generosity is celebrated. Your name will be featured in UCI's publications and on our website alongside your fellow Grace’s Community members.
  • Convenience and Financial Benefits: Monthly giving spreads your support throughout the year, making it budget-friendly and hassle-free. Plus, you may enjoy potential tax benefits while supporting the community.

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