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Stratford Arms

Stratford Arms is located in the desirable Overlook Neighborhood of Cleveland Heights within walking distance to University Circle, Case Western Reserve University, Cedar/Fairmount and Little Italy. Apartments in our buildings include hardwood floors and/or carpet, modern appliances such as refrigerator, stove, dishwasher/ disposal (varies by unit), natural lighting, living and dining rooms, balcony, sunroom, coin-op laundry, parking garage and nearby city lots (availability varies).

For our current availability at Startford Arms and our 9 other neighboring buildings please visit our website: http://propertyinvestmentcompany.com/available-units/

Email: info@propinvco.com


Little Italy

1. Cleveland Montessori

18 minute walk
Cleveland Montessori is the next chapter in the long history of educatio...

2. Rosso Gelato

14 minute walk
Fast service, casual, good for kids!

3. Valerio's Ristorante

18 minute walk
Specializing in Italian cuisine, Valerio's has been a staple in Clevelan...

Shopping and Retail

1. Little Italy Wines

18 minute walk
Although Little Italy Wines specializes in Italian wines, they are far f...

2. Desapri Design Studio

18 minute walk
Desapri Design Studio offers hand crafted, one-of-a-kind, wearable works...

3. Lee Heinen Studio

18 minute walk
Paintings and prints.

4. Mayfield Smoke Shop

18 minute walk
The stop carries an extensive collection of imported, hand-rolled, premi...

5. Topsi Turvi

14 minute walk
A delightfully different gift shop with handmade items for everyone! The...

6. Special Somethings

18 minute walk
All candles are made in Ohio. Special Somethings have a large variety of...


1. Guarino's Restaurant

18 minute walk
The oldest restaurant in Cleveland, OH, Guarino's has been in operation ...

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