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Work NextStep Small Business Program

NextStep Small Business Program

May 2018 - November 2018

Class Schedule


All classes will be held on Tuesdays from 5:30 - 8:30 pm

May 8

NextStep Program Begins/Introductions

Module 1

Business & Strategic Assessment: Setting the Stage for Growth

Participants identify and set strategic goals needed to grow their businesses over the next three years. They also assess their own leadership styles and form CEO Mentoring Groups with whom they will collaborate throughout the program — and beyond.

May 22

Introduction to Goal-Setting

June 05

Setting Initial Strategic Growth Goals

June 19

Challenges and Stages of Small Business Growth

Module 2

Finances: Balancing Cash Flow & Bottom Line

With the help of accountants and financial advisors, participants will learn about key financial statements and how financial statements relate to one another. Participants will create “financial dashboards” with key ratios that will allow for effective monitoring and comparison to other industry peers. This module will also prepare participants to communicate current and future financial aspirations both internally and externally, and prepare participants to gauge the financial health of their businesses and make effective decisions.

July 02

Financial Statement Analysis

July 17

Financial Analysis as a Business Tool

July 31

Understanding How Others See Your Financials

Module 3

Marketing and Sales: Building Profitable Sales

Once participants have a clear understanding of their financials, they begin to identify which products and customers promise to be the most profitable and which markets have the greatest potential for growth. Module III helps participants better understand their competition, the needs and desires of their customers, and how to effectively reach customers and improve sales.

August 14

Identifying and Targeting Your Ideal Customer Base

August 28

Positioning Your Business Within a Competitive Landscape

September 11

Sales Strategies, Resources and Systems

Module 4

Resources: Getting What You Need to Grow

In this module, participants will identify the resources — human and financial — needed in order to achieve their growth plans. Participants will learn how to identify and secure key talent, as well as how to secure private and public capital.

September 25

Human Resources

October 09

Accessing New Capital: Public and Private Financing

October 23

Accessing New Markets: Doing Business with the Government and Anchor Institutions

Module 5

Putting It All Together

In the last session, participants deliver final presentations of their growth plans to a panel of business experts and their peers.

November 08

Final Presentation of Strategic Growth Action Plans

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