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Future Connections

University Circle Inc's Future Connections program provides an eight week summer study and internship experience for rising high school seniors. Future Connections currently partners with 33 organizations and 9 school districts to provide exceptional summer learning experiences that encourage skill development, career development and personal development.

Sixty-five high caliber students are selected following a formal application and competitive interview process. Students engage in project based internships, under the guidance and mentorship of professionals in a variety of career fields, for 4 weeks in a University Circle cultural institution and 4 weeks in a Greater Cleveland area business. A series of workshops to build life and personal development skills occur before and at the midpoint of the program. The summer experience is culminated with a recognition ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of the students. Students were engaged in diverse experiences that advanced their academic learning and life skills. For example, students:

  • Observed surgery standing alongside the surgical team
  • Participated in area archeological digs
  • Met the Mayor of the City of Cleveland, the President of the NAACP, and Grammy winning producers
  • Researched and created presentations on new battery technology in vehicles and ephemeras from World War II
  • Curated their own art exhibit
  • Shot and edited videos
  • Created marketing advertisements
  • Served as summer camp counselors

If you have questions about how to get involved in the Future Connections program, please contact the Future Connections Program Manager, Erin Gill, at futureconnections@universitycircle.org.

Are you a Future Connections Program Alum?

In an effort to continually improve the program, we are asking all our alumni to complete a short questionnaire to better understand the program's impact on educational and career decisions. Please help us by following the link to participate: Click here to take the Future Connections Alumni Survey

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Future Connections

"The relationships I had with my mentors made me excited and confident about what my future will hold. They encouraged me and the way they love their jobs makes me want the same feeling." - Toni H.

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