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Learning is a lifelong process and University Circle is a Center for Lifelong Learning opportunities. Programs and activities in this learning landscape align to the interests and needs of a broad spectrum of individuals who grow and discover at all stages of life in this knowledge based society.

In 1973 UCI's Community Education Department was established to promote University Circle as a Center for Lifelong Learning by connecting the resources of world-class institutions to students of all ages and backgrounds through informal education programs.

A virtual Center for Lifelong Learning will serve as a portal for programs, exhibits, classes, tours, events and services that enhance the University Circle experience for all visitors and demonstrate the value of informal learning. Get ready to explore, and discover how you can become a lifelong learner in University Circle.

Informal Learning Facts

  • Takes place outside the formal classroom setting, i.e. in museums, concert halls, gardens, libraries, community centers, and through the media and web
  • Less than 3% of our lives are spent in formal instruction
  • Most learning occurs through informal or free-choice learning
  • Lifelong process guided by a person's needs and interests
  • Learners are engaged in real-world applications in a broad range of content
  • May link to formal learning in a spontaneous way
  • Settings advance learning by providing a physical contextual environment reflecting the content knowledge to be attained
  • Supports discovery and free exploration
  • Experiences can act as a catalyst and sustain long term interests in a field of study
  • Encourages opportunities for Intergenerational learning

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We are interested in some of the memorable experiences you and/or your family have had during a visit to University Circle. Do you remember your first visit here, what you saw, what you discovered, what you learned and what you felt? Sharing the wonders of the Circle with children and older adults can serve as a bonding experience transcending generational barriers, has this been your experience? Tell us your story, for it is part of the fabric of what makes University Circle. Email them to

Lifelong Learning Center 10 great things you can't miss in University Circle Your support will help University Circle remain a world-class center of innovation in health care, education, and arts & culture.

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