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"We know that what people learn from a museum experience is influenced by what they knew before they walked in the front door, by the nature of the conversations they have while in the museum, by what they do and see in the museum and by what they think about, see and do after they leave."
- John H. Falk

Early Childhood, 0-6 years old, is a critical time in the life of a person; research indicates that 90% of brain development occurs before age 6. The brain is developing its framework for all future learning, and this is when the lifelong learning journey begins. Young children find an innate joy in learning, and need to explore, discover and make sense of self and the physical and social world.

The basis for a child's sound cognitive, social and emotional development is established during this time and informal learning plays a key role by providing a wide range of experiences cultivating a child's observational and inquiry skills.

ELI: Early Learning Initiative

The UCI Early Learning Initiative creates a vital link between preschool teachers, students, and families, and the collections and live performance resources of University Circle institutions. Engaging, interactive lessons and investigations address the learning needs of preschool children and reinforce the skills, knowledge, and dispositions essential for school readiness. ELI inspires a sense of wonder and broadens young children's view of themselves and their world. ELI impacts 900 four and five-year old children, their teachers, and their families, currently serving preschools in Cleveland, East Cleveland, Maple Heights, Lorain, Oberlin, Elyria, Vermilion, and North Olmsted.

University Circle offers young children and their grownups:

Hands-on Learning – Through hands-on learning children are given meaningful experiences that help them commit content to memory.

Minds-on Learning – Activities allow children to develop thinking processes and encourage inquiry to build their knowledge base.

Hearts-on Learning – The affective benefits that visits to museums and other informal learning environments offer relate to the personal connections made by the learner creating memorable experiences.

early learning initiative

"Participating in the ELI program is an enriching experience for children, staff and parents. The field trips, curriculum, and resources have become an integral part of our program at Wade. The professional development workshops are key to helping staff strengthen, expand and enrich our knowledge base."

- Gloria Allen, Wade Day Care Center, Site Administrator


early learning initiative

"My son was very excited when he came home to talk about his visit to the Natural History Museum. He shared new vocabulary words, and was able to discuss the job of a Paleontologist. I was very impressed with all of the new information he learned."

- Wade Day Care Center Parent

early learning initiative

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