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Find <strong>Yourself in the Circle!

Find Yourself in the Circle!

University <strong>Circle Inc.'s 50th Anniversary

University Circle Inc.'s 50th Anniversary

Find <strong>Yourself in University Circle

Find Yourself in University Circle

UCI <strong>President Chris Ronayne: Shaping the New Metropolis

UCI President Chris Ronayne: Shaping the N...

WOW! <strong>Wade Oval Wednesdays 2013 Wrap Up

WOW! Wade Oval Wednesdays 2013 Wrap Up

Find <strong>Yourself in the Circle: Chris Ronayne Introduction

Find Yourself in the Circle: Chris Ronayne...

We <strong>found the world in University Circle.

We found the world in University Circle.

We <strong>found our home in University Circle.

We found our home in University Circle.

Spring <strong>in the Circle

Spring in the Circle

I <strong>found my education in University Circle.

I found my education in University Circle.

I <strong>found my career in University Circle.

I found my career in University Circle.

WOW! <strong>Wade Oval Wednesdays August 1

WOW! Wade Oval Wednesdays August 1

Find <strong>Yourself in the Circle with Glow and the Rink at Wade Oval

Find Yourself in the Circle with Glow and ...

University <strong>Circle, Inc.'s Find Your Holiday in the Circle Commercial

University Circle, Inc.'s Find Your Holida...

WOW! <strong>2012 Season Wrap Up

WOW! 2012 Season Wrap Up

University <strong>Circle, Inc. 2010 Winter Commercial

University Circle, Inc. 2010 Winter Commer...

Carlos <strong>Jones and the PLUS Band with some special fans!

Carlos Jones and the PLUS Band with some s...

2010 <strong>WOW Commercial

2010 WOW Commercial

Wade <strong>Oval Wednesdays

Wade Oval Wednesdays

University <strong>Circle Inc.'s Future Connections Program

University Circle Inc.'s Future Connection...

2012 <strong>Anchor District Forum

2012 Anchor District Forum

University <strong>Circle Inc. - Education Programs

University Circle Inc. - Education Program...



Future <strong>Connections Class of 2010

Future Connections Class of 2010

WOW! <strong>Featuring Carlos Jones & The P.L.U.S. Band

WOW! Featuring Carlos Jones & The P.L....

new in the circle

Cleveland, OH, Sept. 18, 2014 –The Music Settlement announced today that it has absorbed the assets of El Sistema@University and is offering...

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Annual Meeting

annual meeting

Find Yourself in the Circle! Come join us at The Cleveland Museum of Art for our Annual Meeting. Click here to register.

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