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Learn LEAD: Linking Education and Discovery

LEAD: Linking Education and Discovery

Linking Education and Discovery (LEAD) is entering its 43rdyear as UCI’s flagship community education program by providing 8,000 K-8 CMSD students with informal learning experiences through visits to nine Circle museums, gardens, and performing arts institutions.

Two different program models are offered (single and science/math focused multi-field visits) which support the understanding and retention of core school curriculum content by integrating real-world examples as demonstrated in the collections and instructional resources of University Circle institutions.


Aligned with State of Ohio Academic Content Standards, the program promotes student understanding and retention of key curricular content. Connecting Cleveland school children with the city's cultural resources positively impacts learning, cultivates sustained learning behaviors, and supports future audiences for cultural programs. LEAD currently serves 14 schools within a three-mile radius of University Circle and through philanthropic support provides transportation and underwrites admission fees.

Did You Know? – Why Field Trips Are Important for Children

  • Learn specific content connected to the class unit, curriculum
  • Learn in general
  • Create opportunities to apply what is learned in class
  • Introduce community resources
  • Create memorable experiences
  • Motivate and inspire
  • Provide hands-on or experiential learning opportunities
  • Introduce authentic/real-life experiences
  • Promote self-directed learning
  • Provide alternative points of view

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