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Gender Embodied: Embracing the Full Composition of Our Gendered and Sexed Selves

  • Date Saturday, December 09, 2017
  • Time 9:00AM - 7:00PM

Time: Saturday, 9:00am-7:00pm

Tuition: $195.50

Continuing Education (CE): 8.5 contact hours

Location: Gestalt Institute of Cleveland

Faculty: Logan M. Lamprecht, PhD, PCC, NCC

Imagine yourself working with a client who explains to you his decision to live as his/zie/their preferred gender identity, full time and needs your help with the transition process, including hormone replacement therapy and navigating the effects of transphobia.

This workshop will provide content with a focus on a variety of factors that promote competent professional practice with client/patient populations who identify in the transgender community. Workshop participants will have opportunities to engage in critical reflections about gender identity and expression, common concerns and needs within the transgender community, and the sociocultural impact of transphobic attitudes and behaviors on clients who are transgender. Participants will gain practical skills for applying standards of competent practice and will have increased confidence in navigating many of the complex realities that the transgendered people experience, including access to quality medical and mental health services.

Using the lens of Gestalt theory, we will support participants in making contact with introjected (internalized) messages about gender and the potential impact of these introjects on well-being, relationships, and healthy sexuality and identity expression.

GIC OFFICE: 216-421-0468 or visit http://www.gestaltcleveland.org

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